I'm new to SDAPS. So after I followed the tutorial I tried with my own simple .tex file:



\title{Operating System MCQ Paper}
\author{Menuka Ishan}


    \item \textbf{What is the reusable resource?}
            \item that can be used by one process at a time and is not depleted by that use
            \item that can be used by more than one process at a time
            \item that can be shared between various threads
            \item none of the mentioned

    \item \textbf{Which of the following condition is required for deadlock to be possible?}
            \item mutual exclusion
            \item a  process  may  hold  allocated  resources  while  awaiting  assignment  of  other
            \item no resource can be forcibly removed from a process holding it
            \item all of the mentioned



This compiles without problem, but SDAPS can't build a project with this code. I don't know why? After I analysed the example.tex in SDAPS I saw that there is sdaps instead of article, but when I compile using


it shows the error "sdaps.cls not found." Can anyone tell me correct way to create a LaTeX file for SDAPS?


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  1. Download the latest release of the sdaps bundle; This tar ball should include a tex folder that hosts the TeX-related content (class file):

    enter image description here

    There is also a Git repository.

  2. Place sdaps.cls where TeX can see it. See Where do I place my own .sty or .cls files, to make them available to all my .tex files?

  3. Compile with


For more information, read up on SDAPS LaTeX support.

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