I'm currently using an English keyboard with an "International" configuration to write in spanish. I use the shortcut AltGr+A to write "á", AltGr+E for "é", and so on for each vowel.

In TeXstudio I have no problem with á,é,í or ó, but when I try to write the "ú" character I get a small window with characters, instead.
I've searched in the shortcuts options, looking for some action related to AltGr+U (or Ctrl+Alt+U, which is the same) but I found none.

Is there a way to disable that specific shortcut?

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By default Ctrl + Alt + U opens the tool to insert a unicode character. This keyboard shortcut can be switched off by going to

Options -> Configure TeXstudio... -> Shortcuts -> Menus -> Edit

in the English user interface. In the Spanish interface it is

Opciones -> Configure TeXstudio... -> Atajos -> Menús -> Editar.

Just delete/change the shortcut for Insert Unicode Character... in the column that says Current Shortcut or Atajo actual respectively. Hope this solves the problem.

Configure TeXstudio dialog

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