I'm writing a paper in LaTeX at the moment. I'm using the \usepackage{apacite}, but for some reason, the years will not show up in my in-text citations. The entry in the References section is fine, however. The entry in the BibTeX file is perfect; I'm reasonably positive that that isn't the problem.

My citation should look like this: (Binney & Tremaine, 2011). However, it just comes up as (Binney & Tremaine, ) and gives me a whole bunch of error messages. Here is my code. I would appreciate any answers.

\providecommand{\e}[1]{\ensuremath{\times 10^{#1}}}



\section{Measures of distance}
    \subsection{Part (a)}
    ... the parsec is now defined as exactly $648,000/\pi$ AU \cite{bintrem}...

  • Welcome to TeX.SE. First, did you run LaTeX, BibTeX, and LaTeX twice more? (That's what's need to produce both the formattted bibliogrpaphy and the citation call-outs.) Second, did you check for any error or warning or error message in the ``\jobname.blg` log file?
    – Mico
    Aug 23 '15 at 15:27

To quote the documentation of apacite:

apacite is compatible with hyperref, provided that apacite is loaded after hyperref.

So move \usepackage{apacite} behind \usepackage{hyperref}.

(It would be easier to help you if you had mentioned the exact error text instead simply writing that you get a vage "whole bunch of error messages"

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