I've found the question Default value for a key defined with pgfkeys which works fine. But I would like to define an .is choice key with a default value, and I can't seem to get things to work.

I've tried something along the following lines

\def\ae@par@style{CIAO MOON}
  width/.store in=\ae@subcolumn@width,
  height/.store in=\ae@subcolumn@height,
  par style/.code/.default={\def\ae@par@style{HELLO WORLD}},
  par style/.is choice,
  par style/raggedright/.code={\let\ae@par@style\raggedright},


I've also tried setting the default value using

  par style/.default={\def\ae@par@style{HELLO WORLD}},


  par style/.default/.code={\def\ae@par@style{HELLO WORLD}},

But none of these have the desired effect.

How can I set a default value for a choice key?

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Default for an is choice is one of the choices, so simply do this:

\pgfkeys{/tmp/.is choice}

This small example shows the expected behaviour:

\pgfkeys{/test/my choice/.is choice,
    /test/my choice/list/.code={\def\tmp{list}},
    /test/my choice/array/.code={\def\tmp{array}},


\pgfkeys{/test/my choice=array}

\pgfkeys{/test/my choice=list}

\pgfkeys{/test/my choice/.default=list}

\pgfkeys{/test/my choice=array}

\pgfkeys{/test/my choice}


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