I wanted to use \mathclap (from mathtools) to make more compact the appearance of


\[ \lim_{(x,y)\to (0,0)} f(x,y) \]


I decided to use \mathclap, so I replaced the above code with

\[ \lim_{\mathclap{(x,y)\to (0,0)}} f(x,y) \]


but as can be seen in the resulting picture, f(x,y) dips a bit too low and brushes against the subscript of the limit. Are there any good ways to make the appearance compact without getting the overlapping of f(x,y) with the subscript?

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You can lower that subscript by a little by adding an invisible rule via \mystrut:

\newcommand{\mystrut}{\rule{0pt}{1.6ex}}   %% <-- adjust this
  \[ \lim_{\mathclap{(x,y)\rightarrow (0,0)\mystrut}}  f(x,y) \]

enter image description here

  • oops, I must have edited my example after you started writing your solution. but the solution still works, of course :)
    – justin
    Aug 27, 2015 at 3:22

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