When I run my dtx file, I get a README file with all the information, but there are no (apparent) line feeds in it. If I look at it with Notepad, everything is strung along with no line breaks at all.

I have tried \n and \\ and \r\n in the text between the readme guards, but nothing works.

Is this normal? Is there a way to make the README look pretty and readable? What does CTAN do with this README?

Here is the readme guarded section:

nucleardata --- Getting info about nuclides into LaTeX documents

E-mail: [email protected]

Released under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c or later

See http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt


This package provides data and commands for blah in \LaTeXe documents. It uses blah requires blah \texttt{tex} file as the argument.

It reads data from two different \texttt{csv} files: \texttt{elementlist.csv} and \texttt{masscsv1.csv} which are blah /latex.

More information

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The reason is the end-of-line format is unix-style (LF) while notepad knows only windows format (CR+LF). Use an editor, like Notepad++, which understands Unix EOLN, and can convert between different EOLN formats.

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