how to cite the report in the text in APA format?


For example, In research you write (Ahmed, 2014) in the end of paragraph (APA format).

What will be case in the case, If I take one paragraph from the IRENA report. How i will in-text citation in the end or beginning of paragraph. www.irena.org irena.org

  • How are you creating your bibliography? – Alan Munn Aug 30 '15 at 3:47
  • Unfortunately, the link to the document does not work. If it is available only you might want to use the @online entry type, there is also @report. Aha! Found and added the link. The even have on the first page "This publication should be cited as: IRENA (2015), Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014.". So just out IRENA into the author field, the title is clearly Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014, date/year is 2015 (January 2015, if you want to be more precise), add the URL for your readers' convenience and you are good to go. – moewe Aug 30 '15 at 5:07

If you're using BibTeX, I suggest you use the catch-all entry type @misc in the .bib file:

   author = "{International Renewable Energy Agency}",
   title  = "Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014",
   year   = 2015,
   month  = "January",
   note   = "\url{http://www.irena.org/DocumentDownloads/Publications/IRENA_RE_Power_Costs_2014_report.pdf}"

Note that the author is a so-called corporate author. Be sure to have loaded the url and/or hyperref packages in order to enable the macro \url.

The formatting of this entry will depend crucially on the bibliography style file you choose. (If you haven't already chosen a bibliography style, you may want to start with the style apalike.) The formatting of the citation call-outs to this entry will depend both on the bibliography style in use and on any citation management packages (e.g., natbib) you may have loaded. If the natbib package is loaded and if you have a lot of citations to this piece, you could, for instance, define a citation alias as follows:


You could then write \citetalias[p.~105]{irena:2015} to generate the call-out "IRENA (p. 105)".

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