This question is for interest purposes, rather than a problem which I have to be solved.

How does one produce the equations and text displayed on the banner of this website? Here is a screenshot of the banner to show you.

StackExchange TeX Banner

It maybe difficult to see, so I played with the brightness and contrast:


I believe I have figured out some of them.

  • Maxwell Electrostatics Equation for EMF Induction

For which the LaTeX code is:

\oint_{\partial S}\mathbf{E}\cdot\mathrm{d}\mathbf{l}=-\frac{\partial\Phi_{B,S}}{\partial t}

And produces: Maxwell

  • Euler's Identity for Complex Numbers

For which the LaTeX code is:


And produces: complex


This has been answered, to some extent, across the main site as well as Meta.

From Meta, see the post relating to Site Design Ideas (updated with mockup) which formed part of the site graduation.

From the main site, see how to Recreate the sphere in TeX.SX logo.


For the last part, for the chemical equation, you can find it right there: http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/oxidation-and-reduction/

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