At the moment I'm working with the figure environment to display two graphs side by side using minipage which works fine. I want to use one caption for both and enumerate the minipages with a small a), b) or i) ii) on the left of the graphs so I can easily refer to them in the text and captions. Is there a way to do this or do I need to include the enumeration already in the graphs?

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    Take a look at the subcaption package, for example. You can put each minipage as a sub-figure and then have a main caption for the overall figure. – cfr Aug 30 '15 at 19:24

Here's one option using the \sidesubfloat command from the floatrow package; using subcapbesideposition (possible values= top, bottom, center) you can control the vertical position of the labels for the subfloats:

enter image description here

The code:



As we can see in Figure~\ref{fig:test} and in Subfigures~\ref{fig:sub1} and~\ref{fig:sub2}\ldots

\caption{A figure with two subfigures}


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