I have the following table:

% latex table generated in R 3.2.2 by xtable 1.7-4 package
% Tue Aug 25 12:42:23 2015
 & \# of Applicants \\ 
African American &   5 \\ 
  Anglo &   1 \\ 
  Asian &   1 \\ 
  Asian American &   3 \\ 
  Black African &   0 \\ 
  Caucasian &  20 \\ 
  Chinese &   0 \\ 
  Chinese/Jewish &   1 \\ 
\caption{Ethnicity of accepted applicants. These data represent 6 of the 6 seminars.} 

I am trying to covert this tex to a docx file with pandoc as follows:

pandoc report.tex -f latex -t docx -s -o report.docx

But my issue is that in the resulting docx file, the table caption is placed above the table rather than below it (I like the caption-below-table placement of pdfLaTeX). Is there a way for me to make the caption go below the table in the docx?

I'm hoping something could be adjusted in the pandoc settings or even with Microsoft Word's "Styles". Importantly, I'd prefer an automated way to do this. I cannot manually reorder things in all the tex files I generate.

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