I am having trouble aligning/setting up my variable definitions in my paper. I have attached a picture of my current results. enter image description here

So this is a two column paper and the results I have shown go in one column. Notice that the spacings are not aligned. The latex code that I have written is the following

enter image description here

Any help in getting everything lined up correctly would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the site. Please add the code so that we can copy paste and test. Make it compilable too (starting from \documentclass{}... and ending at \end{document}. You can use a tabular for this job. – user11232 Sep 2 '15 at 5:43
% arara: pdflatex


where for (1)--(4)
    \hspace{2cm} \= \hspace{3cm} \kill
    $P(t),Q(t)$ \> current time measure.....\\
    $V(t),F(t)$ \> current time measure.....\\
or alternatively\par\noindent
    P(t),Q(t) & current time measure.....\\
    V(t),F(t) & current time measure.....\\

enter image description here

Or you use some package like nomencl or glossaries for things like this.

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