My subime-text buildsettings now set to pdflatex, I want to build lualatex file. How can I change the setting?


Supposing that you are using the LaTeXTools:

TeX engine selection is supported. If the first line of the current file consists of the text %!TEX program = <program>, where program is pdflatex, lualatex or xelatex, the corresponding engine is selected. If no such directive is specified, pdflatex is the default. Multi-file documents are supported: the directive must be in the root (i.e. master) file. Also, for compatibility with TeXshop, you can use TS-program instead of program. Note: for this to work, you must not customize the "command" option in LaTeX.sublime-settings. If you do, you will not get this functionality.

To be found in the ReadMe of https://github.com/SublimeText/LaTeXTools

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