The Tufte-LaTeX class has a great "symmetric" option for working on twosided documents (I'm working on a book project), I'd like to explore using this but for now due to the large number of figures I have turning it on is a mess (even using \forceversofloat and \forcerectofloat).

On the other hand, the Tufte books I have aren't laid out symmetric--the main text block is on the left on both even and odd pages. But to actually print such a book, the gutter would have to be on the right on verso pages and on the left on recto pages. It seems that without using symmetric, there is no gutter; margins are equal on all pages even if using the twoside option.

How can I add a gutter margin without using symmetric in Tufte-LaTeX? I've tried \geometry{hmarginratio=2:3} and a few other random things, to no avail.

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