Consider the following MNWE:


%%% start code I can't touch
\usepackage{charter}                  % Serif: Bitstream Charter
\usepackage[varqu,varl]{inconsolata}  % Monospaced: Inconsolata
%%% stop code I can't touch


The offset is $V_{io}=\pm$\SI{1}{\micro\volt} for $R_G$ around \SI{1}{\kilo\ohm}.

This will not compile (stock Ubuntu 14.04, TeXLive 2013), with the error:

! Package textcomp Error: Symbol \textohm not provided by
(textcomp)                font family bch in TS1 encoding.
(textcomp)                Default family used instead.

Now, if I comment out \usepackage{charter} it works, and if I comment out the inconsolata package will compile, although the greek mu in the unit comes out wrong.

Unfortunately, I can't change either package...

Looking around, I found that using (I can't find the Q&A again, sorry) that


Makes thing compile, but again, the "µV" has a math mu...

(By the way, this gives a deprecation warning; but changing valuemode to value-mode as told in the manual gives a "option not found" error...)

How can I fix this, considering the "fixed" part that I can't touch (comes from a local template)?

  • I get no error in texlive 2015. In texlive 2013 you can convert the error to a warning with \usepackage[warn]{textcomp}. – Ulrike Fischer Sep 4 '15 at 8:48

Ok, obviously I found what I think is a workaround as soon as I posted it. Following this answer and adapting the symbols names (this is puzzling to me... it's a typo in the answer or really \upOmega changed to \Upomega and \textOhm to \textohm?) I can add:


...and all seems to work (till now). But still I think there should be a cleaner way.

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