I configured my TexStudio to use a Directory for temporary files called "build".

When i compile the standalone document all files except the pdf and the synctex.gz are in the folder "build". When I compile the Main Document all temporary files of the main document are in the build folder, but the standalone files will clutter my base directory.

Is there a way to prevent this?

For clarification the folder structure looks like that:

  • BaseFolder/
    • Document.tex
    • Standalone.tex
    • Build/

After compilation it looks like that:

  • BaseFolder/
    • Document.tex
    • Standalone.tex
    • Document.pdf
    • Standalone.pdf
    • Document.synctex.gz
    • Standalone.aux
    • Standalone.log
    • Standalone.aux
    • Build/
      • Document.aux
      • Document.log
      • Document.auxlock

Document contains:

    this is a Document.
    \caption{The caption text}\label{fig:abc}

Standalone contains:

\addplot[blue, mark=x] coordinates {(0,0)

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