I have tried $\mathit {\boldmath $\Omega$}$, but it doesn't work really.

So, is there any way to make it?

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Do you perhaps want the \varOmega in bold?

variant Omega





Note that in the following code

$\mathit {\boldmath $\Omega$}$

the first $ switches into maths mode (assuming we were not already typesetting maths) and the second $ switches out of maths mode. Then the next switches into it and the last switches out of it.

This means that \boldmath occurs in maths mode, causing an error, and \Omega occurs outside maths mode, causing another (except that TeX is quite confused by this point).

Compare (simplifying by dropping the italics):

$\Omega$ \boldmath $\Omega$

which produces:

normal and bold

Note that here the \Omegas are in maths mode, while the \boldmath is outside it.


Use the following from bm package:


The following are \textbf{Bold} \textit{italic} Greek symbols:

\bm{\mathit{\Omega \ \ \Gamma \ \ \Theta \ \ \Lambda} \, , ...}


enter image description here

  • thanks, it helps really. Your answer is identical to cfr's.
    – Bs He
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