When I compile in Sublime Text 3, a PDF does not appear, instead I get the following message:

shell_cmd or cmd is required
[cmd: None]

I have already installed Latextools, and i've added SumatraPDF to my path

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    What exactly is latextools? You need a latex distribution in order to compile your document. That is what sublime is complaining about. – daleif Sep 5 '15 at 18:13

LaTeXTools is a plugin for sublime. I assume you have a LaTeX-distribution (MikTeX on Windows). Nothing will work if you haven't.

However, the error message looks like your build system is not correctly configured.

Check which build system you use (Tools -> Build System). For me, automatic works. If it doesn't for you, create a new Build System (Tools -> Build System -> New Build System...). A new document shows up with the following content:

    "shell_cmd": "make"

replace make with the command you want to run. I'd suggest to chose a very simple one like pdflatex (I don't know how to compile latex from command line on windows, but I think you can figure out, it shouldn't be that hard). Save the document as <name>.sublime-build (don't change the default path or ending, but you can edit the filename), then activate it (again Tools -> Build System -> <name>).

If building works, you can enhance the command step by step (e.g. enable synctex).

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