I am trying to prepare a presentation with beamer however I keep getting an odd error while manipulating an image.

I am using graphicx package and the code is as follows:


This doesn't cause any problem but the figure is always out of the scale, so when I try to scale it as \includegraphics[scale=0.7]{figure.png} (or any other manipulation) it returns this error:

! Missing \endcsname inserted. \relax l.61 \end{frame}

I tried putting the figure in boxes, columns or prescale it so far nothing works. I cannot find the problem. Please help.

Update: Here is the whole tex file so far:

\documentclass[turkish]{beamer} \usetheme{Berkeley} \usecolortheme{seahorse} \usefonttheme{serif} `\usepackage{xcolor}` `\usepackage[turkish]{babel}` `\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}` `\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}` `\usepackage{graphicx}` %%%%%%%%KAPAK SAYFASI%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% \title[] % (optional, only for long titles) {title} \author[author1, author2] {author1\inst{1} \and author2\inst{1}} \institute[University] {\inst{1}% Department\\ University} \subject{subject} \date[2015] `%%%%%%%%İÇİNDEKİLER ÖZELLİKLERİ%%%%%%%%%%%` `\AtBeginSection[]` `{` ` \begin{frame}` ` \frametitle{Table of Contents}` ` \tableofcontents` ` \end{frame}` `}` `\AtBeginSubsection[]` `{` ` \begin{frame}` ` \frametitle{Table of Contents}` ` \tableofcontents[currentsection,currentsubsection]` ` \end{frame}` `}` %%%%%%%%%%%%%SAYFALAR%%%%%%%%%%%%%% \begin{document} ` \frame{\titlepage}` ` ` ` \begin{frame}` ` \frametitle{İçindekiler}` ` \tableofcontents[currentsection]` ` \end{frame}` \section{analysis} \begin{frame} \frametitle{} \end{frame} ` \begin{frame}` ` \frametitle{types}` `% \begin{center}` `% \includegraphics{16.png}`
`% \end{center}` `\tiny{\underline{source:} http://...}` ` \end{frame}`

  • Add to your question a complete, little document allowing us to reproduce the problem mentioned. – Gonzalo Medina Sep 8 '15 at 13:21
  • 1
    are you using a babel language that makes = active? – David Carlisle Sep 8 '15 at 13:28
  • Thank you, I removed babel, problem solved. But I need to use babel too, how can I override = active? – Sahika Koyun Sep 8 '15 at 13:35

The problem is that the turkish module for babel makes = active; use \shorthandoff{=} (since inputenc with utf8 encoding is used, suppressing the shorthand is not a problem):




  • Thank you, I have been struggling with this for a while now. Everything works now. – Sahika Koyun Sep 8 '15 at 13:51

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