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How to look up a math symbol?

I am looking for the "not subset" symbol I see in my maths textbook. Wheres that?

In Lyx, I dont see it ... Same here under relations


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As always, Detexify is a great help here, or even the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List. You are looking for \not\subset:

B \not\subset A

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You can use \not\subset, or \not\subseteq, or \nsubseteq (requires the amssymb package):



\[ A \not\subset B\qquad A \nsubseteq B\qquad A \not\subseteq B \]


enter image description here

The question How to look up a symbol or identify a math symbol or character? could be helpful for you in a similar situation.


Simply use $B \not \subset A$:


\not can create negations of many relations. =)

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