Setting: Windows 7 64bit, MiKTeX, pdfLaTeX, specifically, I followed these instructions.

Having re-installed again and again, trying to make sure that I am not missing anything from the installation instructions, I still have the same problem: lining figures are shown as empty boxes.



Normal Text: 0123456789

Math Mode: $0123456789$


enter image description here


option outputs:

enter image description here

Curious, I tried:



The output: enter image description here

So, at least to my understanding, the lining figures are “there.”

What else should I try? What might I be doing wrong? I am frustrated because almost no one else have this problem, so I should be something wrong, and strangely, only the lining figures seem to be the problem.

  • For me it works fine (same system as you). Could you check the contents of the MinionPro.map? It should contains lines like MinionPro-Bold- **lf**` -l1-lgi--base MinionPro-Bold "AutoEnc_irupxkrjzh7fov4222hjskvybc ReEncodeFont" <[a_irupxk.enc <MinionPro-Bold.pfb`(I have 4721 lines like that). – Bernard Sep 12 '15 at 11:53
  • @Bernard I have lines like: MinionPro-Bold--lcdfj MinionPro-BoldLCDFJ "" <MinionPro-BoldLCDFJ.pfb MinionPro-Bold-Base-aa MinionPro-Bold "MinionPro-Base-Encoding-aa ReEncodeFont" <[base-MinionPro-aa.enc <MinionPro-Bold.pfb – blackened Sep 12 '15 at 12:08
  • Could make a search in the file to see if the chain -lf- appears. In …\tex\latex\MinionPro, I have files like T1MinionPro-LF.fd parallel to T1MinionPro-OsF.fd, T1MinionPro-TLF.fd,T1MinionPro-TOsF.fd. Also, where exactly did you install the MinionPro package and fonts? – Bernard Sep 12 '15 at 12:19
  • @Bernard no -lf- appears. I followed the instruction mentioned at the top of my post. (You can view the .PDF file) – blackened Sep 12 '15 at 12:40

Finally figured it out. The problem was that the guide I mentioned at the top of the post is wrong/outdated. The corrected version is here.










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