so I have a self intersecting loop and I would like the intersection to look something like - -. I have used the knot package however it does not seem to be working for my diagram as I would like although it is working for the more simple diagram:

  consider self intersections]
\strand (0,0) .. controls +(3,1) and +(-3,1) .. (1,0);

Below is my code for my knot diagram:



      mark=at position #1 with {\arrow{>}}},postaction={decorate}}}


    \draw[ultra thick] (5,3) circle (0.9);
    \draw [fill] (5,0) circle (0.1);

    \begin{knot}[consider self intersections]
    \strand[rounded corners,->-=.163,->-=.435,->-=.795,thick](5,0)..controls +(50:7) and +(130:6)..(5,1)..controls +(50:7) and +(130:7.5)..(5,0.5)..controls +(50:9) and +(130:9.5)..(5,0);

  • Welcome! I'm afraid that the first picture doesn't compile for me either. I get the same error as with the second. – cfr Sep 12 '15 at 20:55
  • Now I reread your question, I suspect you have an older version of expl3-code.tex and are asking a different question than the one I've just answered.... – cfr Sep 12 '15 at 21:33

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