I am working on a thesis with this template that helps you do your thesis in spanish: http://nokyotsu.com/latex/ezthesis.html

Everything is fine, except that I need my bibliography to be in order of appearance in the text, and the template gives it in alphabetical order. I don't know how to change the template. It has a cls program called ezthesis.cls, and a bst one called ezspanish.bst, which is the one I figured has to be modified. https://github.com/navarroj/ezthesis/blob/master/ezspanish.bst I tried a couple of things but nothing has worked yet.

I need the bibliography to be in spanish, as it is modified in this template, but I also need it to be in order of appearance, that's why I can't use any other bibliography style like plainnat, etc.

Here's a shortened main file of the template, where it shows the commands used:

%% Formato de las referencias bibliogr'aficas:
%%   numbers          - numeradas, p.e. [1]
%%   authoryear (*)   - por autor y a'no, p.e. (Newton, 1997)
%% Opciones adicionales:
%%   spanish         - tesis escrita en espa'nol
\author{Juan Antonio Navarro P\'erez}
\title{Ejemplo de una Tesis}
\degree{Doctor en Ciencias}
\supervisor{Nombre de mi Asesor}
\institution{Universidad de Alg\'un Sitio}
\faculty{Escuela de Ingenier\'ia y Ciencias}
\department{Departamento de Sistemas Computacionales}

%% El siguiente comando agrega ligas activas en el documento para las
%% referencias cruzadas y citas bibliogr'aficas. Tiene que ser *la 'ultima*
%% instrucci'on antes de \begin{document}.

 %% # Portada de la tesis #
%% Mirar el archivo "titlepage.tex" para los detalles.

%% # Cap'itulos #
%% Por cada cap'itulo hay que crear un nuevo archivo e incluirlo aqu'i.
%% Mirar el archivo "intro.tex" para un ejemplo y recomendaciones para
%% escribir.

%% Incluir la bibliograf'ia. Mirar el archivo "biblio.bib" para m'as detales
%% y un ejemplo.
  • In ezthesis.cls, there are \bibliographystyle lines that control which bst file is used. If there's a standard bibtex style you want to use, use that style's name instead of ezspanish. – Mike Renfro Sep 14 '15 at 12:27
  • Hi! The thing is I need the bibliography to be in spanish, because my document is in this language, but I also need it to be in order of appearance, that's why I can't use any other bibliography style like plainnat, etc. Altough the truth is I tried changing it to another style and couldn't do it either... – Valeria Ramírez Sep 18 '15 at 1:25
  • The spain bibtex style is also in Spanish. So you should be able to use the same methods of makebst to make a Spanish bibliography. But I've never used makebst in languages other than English. – Mike Renfro Sep 18 '15 at 2:23
  • An alternative would be to use the modern package biblatex with biber. – Johannes_B Oct 5 '15 at 12:25

I found the solution for this particular case. On the line 177 of the file ezthesis.cls change: \bibliographystyle{ezspanish} by \bibliographystyle{ieeetr} Or the style you prefer and done! I hope it helps you or someone who was having the same problem.

  • Is this not a completely different citation style then? The IEEE Transactions are also supposed to be english to the best of my knowledge. – Manuel Weinkauf Nov 29 '16 at 13:34

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