I have a problem using koma-script classes, fleqn and align: The equation are not completely left aligned. The fleqn option moves them to the left , but the equation are not left aligned. In my main file I put:


An example of what I get is:

enter image description here

Here is a part of my style sheet. Thanks for your help.

\ProvidesClass{amu_these}[2012/07/01 Classe personnelle, V0.2]

%%% classe de base (KOMA-Script)
\LoadClass{scrreprt}                    %% classe report (KOMA-Script)

%%% extensions minimales
\RequirePackage[T1]{fontenc}            %% fontes de caractère
\RequirePackage[utf8]{inputenc}     %% format d'encodage
\RequirePackage{lmodern}                %% fontes latin modern
\RequirePackage[french]{babel}      %% typographie française
\RequirePackage[babel]{csquotes}        %% guillemet

\RequirePackage{lipsum}             %% lorem ipsum (exemple)

%%% extensions complémentaires
\RequirePackage{scrhack,scrpage2}   %% macros et en-tête/pied de page     personnalisés (KOMA-Script)
backend=biber,                  %% default backend of biblatex
maxnames=3,                     %% list names max
minnames=3,                     %% list names min
sorting=none,                       %% sort by name, year, title
citestyle=numeric,          %% numeric citation scheme
bibstyle=ieee,              %%ieee citation scheme
backref=true,                       %% back references (cf. p.)
\RequirePackage{biblatex}           %% nouvelle façon de gérer ses bibliographies sous LaTeX http://ctan.org/pkg/biblatex
\DefineBibliographyStrings{french}{%              %% afiche vol au lieu de t. pour le volume
volume = {vol.},%
number = {n°}

\RequirePackage{makeidx}                %% création d'index

 \usepackage{textcomp}  %%% sympboles comme degree

\RequirePackage[titles]{tocloft}        %% TOC LOF LOT
\RequirePackage{endnotes}           %% notes de fin
\RequirePackage{hyperendnotes}      %% !attention! fichier     hyperendnotes.sty hack
\RequirePackage{pdfpages}           %% insertion de pdf
\RequirePackage{graphicx}           %% graphiques et figures
\RequirePackage{caption}                %% légendes des figures
tabularx}                       %% amélioration des tableaux
\RequirePackage{float}              %% définit les objets flottants tels que les figures et tableaux
\RequirePackage{setspace}           %% modification de l'interligne
\RequirePackage{sectsty}                %% style des section

\RequirePackage[bottom=10em]{geometry}  %% réduit le bas de page pour pouvoir numéroté les pdf insérés (réduire plus si nécessaire)

%%% mathématiques, physique, chimie (à adapter)
%renouveller le conteur de notes de bas de page à chaque page:

%% charger ce Package en dernier
\RequirePackage{hyperref}           %% pdf interactifs
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    What you get seems to be the normal output of the align environment with fleqn, you can align the equal signs using & before them. Otherwise you can put a & at the start of each line in the equation. (BTW: Instead of writing exp(x) it is better to write \exp(x) if you are talking about e to the x and not "e times x times p times x".)
    – moewe
    Sep 14, 2015 at 9:16
  • you have not shown your input but if you were using align I'd expect the = to be aligned???? Sep 14, 2015 at 9:32

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That's the expected output if you set no alignment point, because the first column in align is typeset flush right (and the second column is flush left). In order to get some alignment, you have to set a point. The first example shows your output, the second one has alignment at =, the final one is flush left. Note that the third example would better be typeset with gather and no &; but align would come handy for multiple blocks.


\usepackage{lipsum} % for context


\tau_{n0}=\frac{1}{N_t \sigma_n v_n} \\
\tau_{p0}=\frac{1}{N_t \sigma_p v_p} \\
n_t=n_i\exp(E_t-E_i) \\
\tau_{n0}&=\frac{1}{N_t \sigma_n v_n} \\
\tau_{p0}&=\frac{1}{N_t \sigma_p v_p} \\
n_t&=n_i\exp(E_t-E_i) \\
&\tau_{n0}=\frac{1}{N_t \sigma_n v_n} \\
&\tau_{p0}=\frac{1}{N_t \sigma_p v_p} \\
&n_t=n_i\exp(E_t-E_i) \\


enter image description here


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