I'm trying to use the combination of amsmath + ntheorem + autonum with the thmmarks option enabled. This causes a bug. The minimal case to reproduce is




Compiling gives the following error message:

Overfull \hbox (2.22221pt too wide) detected at line 7

Now, I'm not a latex expert but I've been looking at the sources of these packages, and I found that the problem occurs on line 462 in ntheorem.sty, with the following command:


Removing this line causes the error to go away. This macro is defined in amsmath.sty:

  \if@eqnsw \incr@eqnum \print@eqnum
  \else \iftag@ \df@tag \global\let\df@tag\@empty \fi

I do not have enough latex expertise to know how to fix this bug, and where to report it. Anyone has suggestions?

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    Removing \make@display@tag will show no equation number in any case, I believe. – egreg Sep 16 '15 at 15:46

Until a better answer arrives, I fixed the error with the following redefinition of \make@display@tag:

    \ifdefempty{\df@label}{% can happen with package `autonum`.
        %\ams@make@display@tag% don't execute
    }{% not empty, show refs

I pieced this together from the internet and have no idea if it's correct. However, it does seem to work. The following also seems to work:


However, because the first option is potentially safer, I sticked with that one.

If there are better solutions I would love to hear them.

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