I am using amsart to typeset some documents. However, the default margins are very large and I would like to change them without altering anything else about amsart. Is there a way to reset just the margins to 1" all the way around? Right now it is much more.

  • geometry package. – JPi Sep 17 '15 at 15:34
  • I am not sure what you mean here? Could you explain just a bit more? Thanks – tmwitten Sep 17 '15 at 15:53
  • 1
    Just checked out geometry. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It worked perfectly. – tmwitten Sep 17 '15 at 16:44

The amsart class has its own method for setting some page parameters. Don't use the geometry package with it.


\usepackage{kantlipsum} % for text filler





enter image description here

  • Hah. I didn't know that. What goes wrong? – JPi Sep 17 '15 at 23:03
  • 1
    @JPi For instance that your paper might get rejected. – egreg Sep 18 '15 at 7:56
  • so your concern is about using the geometry package with the amsart class if you're intending to submit to one of the ams journals, not about a package conflict? Then perhaps your answer should reflect that. – JPi Sep 18 '15 at 8:02
  • @JPi I said “don't use”, not that the package is incompatible. – egreg Sep 18 '15 at 8:08
  • 2
    That's true, but I inferred (incorrectly) from your answer that there is a conflict. I use amsart with geometry all the time and don't submit to ams journals, so why shouldn't I use geometry? – JPi Sep 18 '15 at 8:56

Adjust margins as you see fit.






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