In my document I got a figure with a lot of symbols in it like this: Example picture I want to add a legend to it, explaining all the symbols used. How do I achieve this?

\caption{Fahrzeug in der schnellen Kurvenfahrt\cite{Pfeffer2011}}
%$F_{W,y}$: Reifenquerkräfte & $\alpha$: Schräglaufwinkel\\
%$\beta$: Schwimmwinkel & $\delta$: Radlenkwinkel 

I tried putting the outcommented code right into the caption to achieve a legend with 2 columns, but it produced an awfull lot of errors. If you need those errors to help me (which I don't suspect) just let me know.


Just as a figure environment is not required to use \includegraphics, a table environment is not required to use tabular. Remove the table environment and it works fine.

For the new image you added to your question, it would make sense to use a numbered list instead of a tabular, i.e.

\item Thing numbered 1
\item Gadget numbered 2
% Etc. 

Here is a variation, with alignment at the colons.

enter image description here


\caption{Fahrzeug in der schnellen Kurvenfahrt\cite{Pfeffer2011}}

\begin{tabular}{r@{: }l r@{: }l}
$F_{W,y}$ & Reifenquerkräfte & $\alpha$ & Schräglaufwinkel\\
$\beta$& Schwimmwinkel & $\delta$& Radlenkwinkel 

  • Problem solved, thank you very much! EDIT: btw it looks a lot better with the alignment you suggested. – Max Sep 20 '15 at 16:33
  • There is also \item Thing \dotfill \makebox[0.25in][r]{1} – John Kormylo Sep 20 '15 at 21:54

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