I want to follow the guide http://kieranhealy.org/blog/archives/2014/01/23/plain-text/ since my document http://rpubs.com/lindberg/110268 need to be pushed to latex for a better read.

The tex says "The heavy lifting is done by the org-preamble-pdflatex.sty and memoir-article-styles files. If you install these files where LaTeX can find them—i.e., if you can compile a LaTeX document based on this example—then you are good to go." So I installed these three .sty packages and put them in my folder /usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/tex/latex/memoir-article-styles/

At first I put them in /usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/tex/base/ but that did not work out. And I read on the stackexchange question How to have local package override default package that is should be in the folder tex/latex/name-of-package/

Now I download your example.tex and compile it, but run into a lot of errors.

The errors can be seen here:

enter image description here

The log files is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/ih7mj7398gwottn/article.log?dl=1

I do not know how to proceed, what I need is to render the example.tex correctly so that I can proceed with the rest of the guide.

  • Check the contents of your memoir-article-styles.sty: it looks like you have an HTML or XML file there instead of a LaTeX file. I can guarantee that line 6 of Kieran's file has no # symbols. I'd also just drop all the .sty files in the same directory as your generated .tex file -- once you have it working for one article, you can move the .sty files into the TeX folder structure. – Mike Renfro Sep 21 '15 at 1:43
  • @MikeRenfro here is the content of the .sty file dropbox.com/s/pqyatt609eui5xp/… – user1603548 Sep 24 '15 at 19:25
  • @MikeRenfro here is the content of the article.tex dropbox.com/s/3d2t1208dnu6rp7/article.tex?dl=1 – user1603548 Sep 24 '15 at 19:26
  • 1
    Right, and if you look at that style file's contents you just posted, it's an HTML file (looks like a you saved a page off of Github). Get his actual .sty file from Github in its original format. It appears you can get them from the bottom of his LaTeX Templates and Styles page. – Mike Renfro Sep 24 '15 at 19:31
  • I downloaded the zip "kjhealy-latex-custom-kjh-a0dbd45" and followed your advice "drop all the .sty files in the same directory as your generated .tex file" so I duplicate the file article.tex and name it article3.tex then I put it in the folder "jltestar" together with all the .sty packages, but I get errors and no output. This is my folder: dropbox.com/sh/25qcy6l7xin1zli/AADLhvwEm3KyNusfmv7Fbdcma?dl=0 – user1603548 Sep 25 '15 at 19:35

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