I have the following code which generates a little circle of circular images using TikZ. How could text be placed at different points with respect to this circle? Specifically,

  • how could some text be placed at the centre of the circle?
  • how could a caption be placed beneath each circular image?


    image 1/.initial=test.png,
    image 2/.initial=test.png,
    image 3/.initial=test.png,
    image 4/.initial=test.png,
    image 5/.initial=test.png,
    image 6/.initial=test.png,
    path image/.style={path picture={%
        \edef\imagename{\pgfkeysvalueof{/tikz/image #1}}%
        \node at (path picture bounding box.center){


\foreach \i in {1,...,6}
    \draw [path image=\i] (\i * 60 + 30:2) circle [radius=0.5cm];



You'll have to find your own images...

    image/.store in=\imagefile, name/.store in=\imagenamed,
  member 1/.style={image=pugh1,    name=Pugh},
  member 2/.style={image=pugh2,    name=Pugh},
  member 3/.style={image=barney,   name=Barney McGrew},
  member 4/.style={image=cuthbert, name=Cuthbert},
  member 5/.style={image=dibble,   name=Dibble},
  member 6/.style={image=grub,     name=Grub},
  /tikz/pics/team member/.style={code={
\tikzset{team/.cd, member #1/.try}%
  \draw [path picture={%
    \node at (path picture bounding box.center) 
  circle [radius=0.5];
\node [below, font=\small, text width=4em, align=center] 
  at (0,-.5) {\imagenamed};
\foreach \i in {1,...,6}
  \pic at (\i*60+30:2) {team member=\i};
\node [align=center] {Trumpton\\fire brigade};

enter image description here

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