I have such code:

        max_X (min_{\vec{Y}} F(X, \vec{Y})) = sup_{X} (inf_{\vec{Y}} F(X, \vec{Y})) = \Gamma_1, \newline
        min_{\vec{Y}} (max_X F(X, \vec{Y})) = inf_{\vec{Y}} (sup_{X} F(X, \vec{Y})) = \Gamma_2        

How I set a break line? \\ doesn't work too.


For example, gather* can be used instead of equation* with package amsmath:

  \max\nolimits_X \min\nolimits_{\vec{Y}} F(X, \vec{Y})) =
  \sup\nolimits_{X} (\inf\nolimits_{\vec{Y}} F(X, \vec{Y})) = \Gamma_1, \\
  \min\nolimits_{\vec{Y}} (\max\nolimits_X F(X, \vec{Y})) =
  \inf\nolimits_{\vec{Y}} (\sup\nolimits_{X} F(X, \vec{Y})) = \Gamma_2


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