In spite of the suggested solutions to fix the problem in arranging the references based on the citations, still couldn't fix it and I don't know why!

The solutions that I have tried are:

  1. Remove all of the AUX and BBL files and re-run the file.

  2. Arranging the references based on the citations

I went through several links talk about similar issues, and follow the suggested solutions but unfortunately no solution has been reached so far.

The code that I have:

%% ----------------------------------------------------------------
%% Progress.tex
%% ---------------------------------------------------------------- 
\documentclass{ecsthesis}    % Use the progress Style
\usepackage[table, x11names]{xcolor}
\usepackage{array, booktabs, boldline} %
\graphicspath{{../Figures/}}   % Location of your graphics files
\hypersetup{colorlinks=true}   % Set to false for black/white printing
\input{Definitions}            % Include your abbreviations
\usepackage{nomencl} % for abbrevations 



%% ----------------------------------------------------------------
\title      {Ssss}
\authors    {\texorpdfstring
     {aa a. a}

\date       {\today}
\subject    {}
\keywords   {}




\listofsymbols{ll}{$HVDC$ & High Voltage Direct Current\\
$DC$ &  Direct Current\\
$AC$ &  Alternating Current\\
\acknowledgements{aaa }
%\dedicatory{To \dots}
%% ----------------------------------------------------------------
%% ----------------------------------------------------------------

I use \cite{} for citation.

Update on Friday 25/09/2015 at 17:25: I found the solution by adding:





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