I'm having some issues drawing the following diagrams in LaTeX in an MLA formatted document. I have gotten the diagrams in box a to work, but I am having some issues lining up my premises in box b, because of the therefore sign - it is interpreted as math, so I can't add text next to it.

logical argument

edit: My current code: enter image description here

edit 2: Code


\begin{tikzcd}[row sep=1em,column sep=1em]
{} \& 4\arrow{d} \\
2 \arrow{dr} \& 3 \arrow{d} \\
{} \& 1


or we could say:

\textit{a. Parents are complaining about religious mass in school} \\
\textit{b. Religion is important to study} \\
\therefore  \textit{Religion in school is a controversial, but hard subject to discuss}
  • Edited it now. My apologies for not including the code. – Simon Olsen Sep 22 '15 at 17:25

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