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Upon opening TeXstudio for Mac I get en error. It seems that the system cannot find my TeX of LaTeX distribution.

enter image description here

Do notice i have MacTex installed and have it working with LyX.

I am a newbie and I have no clue how I resolve this issue. I hope some blessed soul can help me out!

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  • On which path is MacTeX installed? TeXstudio does only search the standard location. If it's on some other path, you'll have to specify the paths to the required latex tools at Options -> Commands. Then you can ignore the message (click don't warn again). – Tim Hoffmann Sep 24 '15 at 19:02

I will had precision to Tim Hoffmann comment, as it was not enough for me:

  • You can see where does TeXstudio go to get your LateX distribution with Preferences -> Commands".
  • You should have at least one file in the "LateX" field and one in the "PdLateX" field. To find these I went to /Library/TeX/texbin/ and found one alias for each. Selecting these aliases one by one will fix your issue.

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