I am very new at tikz or any type of latex graphics. I need to generate a latex graphics for this diagram. can anyone help me?enter image description here

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Something like this: enter image description here

That you will able to draw such images yourself, please start read TikZ manual. At least chapter TikZ ist kein Zeichenprogramm!

Above images was generated by the following code:


                > = angle 90,
    node distance = 8 mm,
      start chain = going right,
every join/.style = ->,
every node/.style = {shape=rectangle, draw,
                     inner xsep=2mm, inner ysep=1mm,
                     text width = 33mm, align=left,
                     fill=white, drop shadow,
                     on chain,
\node   {Traditional Interface\\
         Tutorial A\\
         Task 1\\
         Task 2\\
         Task 3};
\node   {Timed Interface\\
         Tutorial B\\
         Task 1\\
         Task 2\\
         Task 3};
\node   {VidCom Interface\\
         Tutorial C\\
         Task 1\\
         Task 2\\
         Task 3};   

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