I want to use \varpi in normal font and \varpiup from txfonts. I don't want to change the font for general text.

I have read quickly the following answers, but I don't understand and don't know how to use them for my purpose.

A further question arise : How if I want to use the two different \varpi both in normal font and in txfonts? I guess I need to create a new command like \varpitxfonts?

In general, how to use, in the same time, some characters or symbols that have the same names in more than one fonts?

How to use mathptmx and txfonts combined?

Text affected by using txfonts package


Some wandering inside txfonts.sty allows us to distill the following code:




This is \verb|\varpi|: $\varpi$

This is \verb|\varpitx|: $\varpitx$


enter image description here

Are you sure you want to use both symbols in one and the same document? I wouldn't be and I'm pretty sure your readers will appreciate if you don't.

  • Thank you. Why not to use both of them in the same document? They are different enough to distinguish. In fact, I used \varpi and \boldsymbol{\varpi}, and I was told that it is difficult to distinguish. This is why I want to use \varpiup rather than \boldsymbol{\varpi}.
    – user565739
    Sep 24 '15 at 6:21

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