I am using the fp package to write a coursework in mechanics and calculate the numerical values on the fly. Here is some example code:

\usepackage[nomessages]{fp}  % http://ctan.org/pkg/fp


P_output_kW = \FPprint{P_output_kW} kW
n_output_max_rpm = \FPprint{n_output_max_rpm} rpm

As is evident, I am attempting to print every assigned variable by name, value and measurement unit. First of all, the above code does not compile with the error:

! Missing $ inserted.

I would like to invoke into a single command (with a single parameter) the two operations:

  • print variable name, followed by =
  • print variable value

How can that be achieved?


The following sets the variable name in typewriter font, the number via \FPprint and the unit is taken from the variable name:

\usepackage[nomessages]{fp}  % http://ctan.org/pkg/fp

    \fontfamily{lmvtt}\selectfont % variable typewriter font
    % alternative: \ttfamily
    \detokenize{#1}% make _ to character
  \catcode`\_=12 %




  • +1 I liked your answer so much than mine, than I've deleted it :) – Gonzalo Medina Sep 25 '15 at 0:21
  • Thanks a ton and let the code be with you. I copied your code, quoted your name and this url. Only change is I put /FPset inside the command. This way setting any variable in code results in text output as well and I would expect that to protect from weird bugs with the calculations. – Vorac Sep 25 '15 at 10:43

This uses \csname.


\newcommand{\FPset}[2]% #1 = varaible name, #2 = value
  {\expandafter\gdef\csname FPV#1\endcsname{#2}}

\newcommand{\FPunit}[2]% #1 = variable name, #2 = units
  {\expandafter\gdef\csname FPU#1\endcsname{#2}}

\newcommand{\FPmacro}[2]% #1 = variable name, #2 = macro to store value
  {\edef #2{\csname FPV#1\endcsname}}

\newcommand{\FPprint}[1]% #1 = variable name
  {#1 $=$ \num{\csname FPV#1\endcsname} \si{\csname FPU#1\endcsname}}

\FPunit{power}{\si{\kilo\watt}}% predefined from sciunitx




  • Hey, it appears both answers work fine, I just picked the first one. Thanks for the work and for letting me know about sciunitx. +1 – Vorac Sep 25 '15 at 10:45

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