minimal (non)-working example:


  trim cells=true,
  col sep=comma,
  secure header/.style={
    columns/#1/.append style={
      column name={\multicolumn{1}{c}{#1}},
  si column/.style={
    columns/#1/.append style={
      string type,
      column type={S[table-format=2.2e1]},

number to print: 3433010912

siunitx result:

works, doesn't work
147385274, 3433010912

this table is wrong:

% this produces an error
\sisetup{scientific-notation = engineering, table-auto-round=true}
  columns={works, doesn't work},
  secure header/.list={works, doesn't work},
  si column/.list={works, doesn't work},

this table is right, but the alignment for the long header is not nice:

% this works
  columns={works, doesn't work},
  columns/works/.style={sci,sci sep align},
  columns/{doesn't work}/.style={sci,sci sep align},

resulting pdf

I get the numbers to print from pgfplotstable and therefore from a csv-file. All questions related to siunitx and "Number too big" I found are related to small numbers with to many digits, but not numbers that are actualy to big.

How do I get the value to siunitx so it is readable?

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    What version of siunitx do you have (it says in the .log file): this should be fixed in the current release.
    – Joseph Wright
    Sep 25, 2015 at 10:02
  • 2013/07/31 v2.5s - from texlive 2014 I will see if I can get the current version.
    – Garonenur
    Sep 26, 2015 at 12:01
  • thanks @JosephWright I got confused with texlive versions between my private pc and work - work is just slower with updates and I assumed I had the current version.
    – Garonenur
    Sep 26, 2015 at 12:30

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This problem is fixed in siunitx version 2015/09/14 v2.6l as can be found in texlive 2015. The answer thus is: Use current software.

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