As a beginner in tikz, I don't know how to draw this picture in LaTeX with TikZ. Please show me how to draw it.


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    If you read the introduction of the TikZ manual you will find a very very very similar drawing. – Manuel Sep 26 '15 at 17:34

Here's one option:


  (-0.5,5.5) rectangle (5.5,-0.5);
  (-0.5,0) -- (5,0) node[right] {$u$};
  (0,-0.5) -- (0,5) node[above] {$v$};
\coordinate (O) at (0,0);
\coordinate (aux1) at (40:4);
\coordinate (aux2) at (aux1|-0,0);
\coordinate (aux3) at (4,{4*tan(40)});
  (O) -- (aux3) -- (aux3|-0,0)
  (aux1) -- (aux2);
  (O) circle (4);
\pic[draw,"$x$",angle radius=30pt,angle eccentricity=1.2] {angle = aux2--O--aux1};   


\filldraw[thick,draw=blue,fill=blue!40,fill opacity=0.3,text opacity=1]
  (O) -- (aux1) -- node[left] {$\sin x$} (aux2)  -- node[below] {$\cos x$} cycle; 

\filldraw[thick,draw=blue,fill=blue!40,fill opacity=0.3,text opacity=1]
  (O) -- (aux1) arc (40:0:4) -- node[below] {$1$} cycle; 

\filldraw[thick,draw=blue,fill=blue!40,fill opacity=0.3,text opacity=1]
  (O) -- (aux3) -- node[right] {$\tan x$} (aux3|-0,0)  -- node[below] {$1$} cycle; 



enter image description here

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