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Why is there no space between the \x number and the text in my tikz nodes? There is a space in the final one in which I manually inputted a number instead of using a forloop. That's what I'd like the rest of them to look like.



\draw[gray, very thin, opacity=0.2] (0,0) grid (6,13);
\foreach \x in {0,...,5}
 \node[right, rotate=90] at (\x,2) {\x I want a space between this text and the number before it!};
\node[right, rotate=90] at (6,2) {6 The space should look like this one!};


EDIT: Regarding the duplicate things, I assumed that the problem had something to do with being inside of a tikz or node environment, so I thought it was different from the other threads that mentioned spacing.

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    Use \x\ or \x{} , otherwise the space is "spent" to terminate the control sequence. – Paul Gessler Sep 27 '15 at 0:29

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