I'm using pdflatex to typeset a document where the style guide mandates that acronyms be written in small caps. So for example, I might write,

Hearing aids do not cure \textsc{aids}.

to produce the text "Hearing aids do not cure AIDS."

The problem is that when I select and copy this text from the PDF, it gets rendered in the clipboard as "Hearing aids do not cure aids.", thus obscuring a crucial distinction in meaning.

I can reproduce this behaviour with several different PDF viewers, including Okular, Evince, and Adobe Reader.

How can I ensure that acronyms are visually rendered with small caps in the PDF, but rendered with actual capital letters when text is copied and pasted from the PDF? (Note that I also use small caps in my document headers, so I don't want to change the behaviour of \textsc generally.)


Here's something I came up with after noticing a related question, Making equations copyable in pdf. I'm not sure if this is the best way of doing things, but it seems to work:



Hearing aids do not cause \copyablesc{AIDS}.
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