I am using scrlttr2`. For some reasons I would like to have a different name in the address line than in the signature.

For example:

Merlin A. Etzold
00 SomeRoad
Some Town

as address... and

Merlin Etzold

as signature. This is a problem which may also be faced by those living in the Germanic speaking countries (particularly Austria) who want to put a name prefix (such as Dipl.-Ing.) in the address but not in the signature...

Thank you and best wishes, Merlin :)

  • I think you can use setkomavar multiple times? – Johannes_B Sep 28 '15 at 16:19

The signature is saved in the variable signature. Default is \usekomavar{fromname}.


    \setkomavar{fromname}{Merlin the wizard}
    \setkomavar{signature}{Merlin, the master of desaster}

    \begin{letter}{Ozzy, the metal wizard}
    \opening{Dear friend}
    some awesome text here.
    \closing{Best wishes}
  • 1
    Merlin, the master of desaster? +1 :) – user11232 Sep 29 '15 at 2:05

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