I have a cube as per the answer to my question How may I put arrows along some edges of a cube?. Now I want to label the 8 corners/vertices with labels like $\mathbf{O}\lnot \lmathbf{B}\lnot q$.How can I best achieve this?


The coordinates for the lower face are named A1,...,A4 and those for the upper face are B1,...,B4. You can simply put \nodes at those coordinates with the desired text; a little example; I used A,B,...,H as labels, but you can use whatever text you want:




  line join=round,
  y={(-0.86cm,0.36cm)},x={(1cm,0.36cm)}, z={(0cm,1cm)},
  arr/.style={-latex,ultra thick,line cap=round,shorten <= 1.5pt}
\coordinate (A1) at (0,0,0);
\coordinate (A2) at (0,\Side,0);
\coordinate (A3) at (\Side,\Side,0);
\coordinate (A4) at (\Side,0,0);
\coordinate (B1) at (0,0,\Side);
\coordinate (B2) at (0,\Side,\Side);
\coordinate (B3) at (\Side,\Side,\Side);
\coordinate (B4) at (\Side,0,\Side);

\fill[myyellow] (A2) -- (A3) -- (B3) -- (B2) -- cycle;
\fill[mygreen]  (A2) -- (A3) -- (A4) -- (A1) -- cycle;
\fill[myred](A3) -- (B3) -- (B4) -- (A4) -- cycle;
\fill[myblue]   (A1) -- (A2) -- (B2) -- (B1) -- cycle;

\draw (A2) -- (A1) -- (A4);
\draw (B2) -- (B1) -- (B4) -- (B3) -- cycle;
\draw (A1) -- (B1);
\draw (A2) -- (B2);
\draw (A4) -- (B4);

\draw[thin] (A3) -- (B3);
\draw[thin] (A3) -- (A4);

%If you want to see the names of the vertices
%\foreach \Value in {1,...,4}
%  \node at (A\Value) {A\Value};
%  \node at (B\Value) {B\Value};

  (A1) edge (A2)
  (B2) edge (A2)
  (B1) edge (B2)
  (B1) edge (A1)
  (B4) edge (A4)
  (B3) edge (A3)
  (B4) edge (B3)
  (A4) edge (A3);

\node[below] at (A1) {$A$};
\node[below] at (A2) {$B$};
\node[below] at (A3) {$C$};
\node[below] at (A4) {$D$};
\node[above] at (B1) {$E$};
\node[above] at (B2) {$F$};
\node[above] at (B3) {$G$};
\node[above] at (B4) {$H$};


enter image description here

I also changed a little the code making the size dependent of \Size; change according to your needs.

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