I'm trying to compile a tex file via tex-dvi-ps-pdf, in a MacOS X.

I've seen: Ghostscript 8.57: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1 auto-pst-pdf throws 'MiKTeX GPL Ghostscript 9.05: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1' https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9905507/what-does-this-ghostscript-error-message-mean

and none of them seems to be the same problem as mine.

At the moment i get this error and i can't figure out if the problem is in the dvi-ps conversion or in the ps-pdf step.

I get the following message:

Error: /stackunderflow in --begin-- Operand stack:

Execution stack: %interp_exit .runexec2 --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- 2 %stopped_push --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- false 1 %stopped_push 1951 1 3 %oparray_pop 1950 1 3 %oparray_pop 1934 1 3 %oparray_pop 1820 1 3 %oparray_pop --nostringval-- %errorexec_pop .runexec2 --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- 2 %stopped_push --nostringval-- Dictionary stack: --dict:1185/1684(ro)(G)-- --dict:0/20(G)-- --dict:131/200(L)-- --dict:175/300(L)-- --dict:51/200(L)-- Current allocation mode is local Last OS error: Invalid argument Current file position is 131105 GPL Ghostscript 9.16: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1

FAILED to generate /tmp/altpdflatex.3357-1443872546/...

What can I do?

  • and what is the input latex file you are trying to compile? Do you have some pstricks code in it? – pluton Oct 3 '15 at 13:53
  • It's a prosper document type. And yes, it has pstricks code in it. So, is the problem in the tex-dvi step? – Pedro Silva Oct 4 '15 at 19:00
  • Can you post a minimal compilable example that reproduces the issue? Not easy to say why there is this bug but ghostscript has been very sensitive lately. I tend to use pdflatex now to avoid these difficulties. – pluton Oct 6 '15 at 12:25

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