I've faced the situation where I should open a tex project which consists of a number of chapters and parts. There are a lot of files in a huge number of folders. As I understand they can be compiled separately. Here are the troubles I get trying to open and compile this:

  1. When I open these .tex and .sty files I have troubles with encoding. Then I open it in texmaker, which sets the correct encoding but anyway I can't save those files with the changed encoding to open it in texniccenter. What can I do?
  2. When I'm trying to compile this, I get some errors, like:

    a. ! Undefined control sequence. \nopagenumbers

    b. ! Font \tensimbol=msxm10 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.\def \def

    c. ! Undefined control sequence.\sectionfootline ->\footline={\ifodd \pageno \rightfootline \else \leftfoot... \sectionfootline

    d. Etc, so the lists of error can be continued.

How is it possible to fix this?

Unfortunately, the text is too long so I can't put down it here. But I dropped a link to rar file with one of the parts.

Download the rar


At first, The document is made using Plain TeX. Furthermore. It was made using extremely rare bird - Plain TeX with russification. Finally, such document can't be appeared under BaKoMa TeX.

Important: This document has no any relation to BaKoMa TeX.


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