I am using TikZ and I want to produce several graphs from a data file. The file contains many lines with three numbers x y r. I want to use each line and draw a circle with \draw (\x,\y) circle(\r); where \x, \y and \r have been assigned the values read on a line. Is there a way to make a \foreach-like loop to make this ? I could change the lines into x/y/z if necessary to run something like

\foreachline \x/\y/\r in {filename} {
   \draw (\x,\y) circle(\r);



You could use something like datatool or csvsimple if you wanted:

1, 2, 3
4, 5, 2
3, 1, 4


\csvreader[no head]{\jobname.csv}{1=\first, 2=\second, 3=\third}%
  {\tikz \draw (\first, \second) circle (\third);
    FYI, I used these numbers: \first, \second, \third.


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