I'm extremely unhappy with the limitation of tfm fonts of 15 heights / 15 depths / 63 italic corrections. This is why I'm looking for a TeX engine which can load ofm fonts, probably etex, xetex or luatex (preferably which pass TRIP test, to be more compatible).

Following is a minimal example.

$ echo '(MAPFONT D 0 (FONTNAME cmr10))' > myfont.vpl
$ tftopl cmr10.tfm >> myfont.vpl

This is necessary because vptovf automatically adds MAP to font 0, whereas ovp2ovf does not do this:

$ vptovf myfont.vpl

This is necessary, because otherwise the mentioned limitation will persist:

$ echo '(OFMLEVEL H 0)' > myfont.ovp
$ vftovp myfont.vf >> myfont.ovp
$ ovp2ovf myfont.ovp

At this point we get myfont.ofm (considering the fact that ofm is an extension of tfm). This is an example of usage:


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