I have just updated my Mac to El Capitan. I also updated my MacTex to the newest MacTex 2015 by downloading and installing it. I also updated my TexStudio to TeXstudio 2.10.2 (the latest version). Now, when I try to compile my previously well-working .tex files I get this:

Error: Could not start the command: /usr/texbin/pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode

On TexShop which comes as part of MacTex package my files open and compile just fine. Please, I really am used to TexStudio, can anyone tell me what, how should I configure my TexStudio so it can work with MacTex, El Capitan...?

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    Please look at all the other El Capitan questions currently on the site. Apple have disallowed anyone but apple to write on /usr so /usr/texbin will not work. – daleif Oct 6 '15 at 5:44

Please refer to Herbert Schulz's instruction or this question "Reconfiguring TexStudio after upgrade to OS X El Capitan" about how to modify TeXstudio's command configuration after upgrading to OS X El Capitan.

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There is a change in the way OS X El Capitan allows apps to access system folders, all you have to do is open Settings and change every instance of /usr/texbin/ to Library/TeX/texbin/. This is under the Commands tab.

Edit: Clarified with screenshot

Screenshot of TexStudio

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