The use of the option smooth in combination with the text decoration option gives the error "Dimension too large" Is this bug already known? What can I do? Short example code is given below.

7.06215e+08 4.023e+07
7.0587e+08  4.026e+07
7.1787e+08  4.002e+07
7.3473e+08  3.93e+07
7.52415e+08 3.873e+07

        \begin{axis}[   xmin=680, xmax=940, ymin=30, ymax=110,  width = 0.5\linewidth,  ]

        \addplot+[smooth,draw = red ,mark=none,  
        decoration={text along path,    text={9 dB},raise=.5ex,text align={center}},  postaction={decorate}
        ] table[x expr= (\thisrowno{0}/1000000), y expr= (\thisrowno{1}/1000000),comment chars = !]{data.txt};      


enter image description here

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    BTW: there seems to be an ) missing in your code to end the x expr. The dimension too large comes from the ymin, 'ymax, no idea why. – daleif Oct 7 '15 at 15:02
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    The error disappears as well if the text in the decoration is shortened, e.g. replacing 9 dB by 9. Don't know if that helps. – Chris Oct 7 '15 at 15:11

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