I use IEEE latex file for a conference. The conference has provided a Mircosoft Word template for the paper that matches the IEEE tex file but it has a background on the header as follows, which is repeated on all pages:

enter image description here

The top margin is "1.38 inch", I used fancyhdr package as follows to set the background:




It creates a header with the image, however the image is not faded as it is in the word document, but more importantly, it shifts the text to the bottom as follows:

enter image description here

What can I do to solve the problem?


It's possible to use the background package by Gonzalo Medina and use fading by opacity=0.2 (for example)







enter image description here


For the fading, if you use pdflatex, you could use


you could use scrlayers


\DeclareNewLayer[% define a new layer

And then


But don't forget to remove the layer from following pages if you don't need it anymore

\RemoveLayersFromPageStyle{empty}{myheader}% remove the layer

If you would have had a MWE it would have been easier to answer more specific.

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