I recently installed lyx on a new computer. And it seems that I can't preview the pdf in adobe reader or sumatra. The yap software is invoked to preview the pdf. I tried to add the adobe path, change the preview to AcroRD32 or Summatra. I even re-installed lyx. Nothing works so far. This is really bothering me since I need to adjust the look of the paper. With yap, I can't really see how the paper looks like now.


I only have lyx 2.0.8 in Linux, without Sumatra nor Acroread, but I hope this guide help:

Tools > Preferences ... >

     Ouput > General > Foward search >

         PDF command > SumatraPDF -reuse-instance $$o -forward-search $$t $$n

     File handling > File formats >

         Format: > PDF (pdflatex) (for example)

         Viewer: > Custom > SumatraPDF (I guess...)


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