I'm having problem with transformation of .cls to .layout of the IACAS format. I tried using Using a new document class/template with LyX?. I wish I could ask the question there but the on-site popups suggested me to create a new question.

I started by doing steps 1-5 successfully on windows 7 – MiKteX install. However, when I tried to add everything which in the .cls file to the Preamble-EndPreamble section of the iacas.layout file I get the error in the picture. It does not matter whether I use a new document or an existing one (with class changed). So obviously something that I put to the Preamble-EndPreamble section should not be there. How should I proceed so I would have both lyx working and the required options available?

enter image description here

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  • After removing the \AtBeginDocument \endinput at the end of the .layout. It worked! Maybe you might want to add it to the thread for future users to use. – ramiv Oct 10 '15 at 6:06

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